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Mission Statement

We, the members of Plymouth Presbyterian Church, part of the body of Christ, boldly proclaim and celebrate God’s gift of Jesus Christ as the driving force in our lives. As our grateful response to this gift, we believe we are called to be a caring community whose actions reflect that God is the source of our strengths and abilities. We accept our responsibility to affect the world through our beliefs, behavior, and stewardship.

We understand our Mission as:

Praising God in Worship

* We seek inspiration that leads to faithful discipleship
* We celebrate life’s significant events
* We pray for God’s peace for all humanity
* We reflect our Presbyterian heritage

Learning more about our faith

* We explore the scriptures to discover spiritual truths
* We accept the challenge to change and grow
* We recognize that each person can be both teacher and learner
* We search for the implications and applications of our faith

Building a Family of Faith

* We care for one another
* We share joys and sorrows
* We value each person’s uniqueness
* We feel the power of togetherness
* We welcome diversity of viewpoints

Demonstrating our Faith

* We demonstrate that love is an infinitely sharable resource
* We minister to the needs of God’s people everywhere
* We acknowledge the unity of people and the environment
* We sacrifice to improve the world for succeeding generations
* We have an impact on our community
* We cooperate with others to extend our mission to the fullest